Sunday, 15 April 2018

Bigfoot spotted in EUROPE?

The video – captured from a dashcam reveals a large ape-like figure walking alongside a main road. 
A closer look does not provide any more clarity though. 
The fearless bunch swing their vehicle around and decide to pursue the creature on foot. 
Running through heavy snow they eventually come within metres of the unknown figure. 
But it quickly scurries away before we can get a closer look. =read more

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Bigfoot researcher relates info and stories about mythical beast

A Bigfoot expert Phil Shaw of West Branch shared his observations, research and experiences with the mythical creature during a special presentation held, Saturday, at the Robert J. Parks Library in Oscoda.
The presentation, entitled “The Mystery of Big Foot,” was held in front of a packed audience. According to Shaw, Bigfoot, although considered only a legend by many, has been known and reported for centuries by peoples on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica, with frequent sightings  recorded especially in China, Russia, and the Himalaya Mountain regions.
Shaw said during the presentation that it is believed that thousands of years ago the first of these beings traveled from China to North America via an existing land bridge.-read more

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Researchers hope to change tide on Bigfoot mystery

STILWELL – Whether you call it Yowie, Yeti, Sasquatch or Bigfoot, the mystery of the beast drew hundreds to Stilwell on March 10 to the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center as researchers tried to provide evidence that the creature isn’t such a mystery.

The center holds an annual Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium and offers people a chance to hear researchers, audio recordings and firsthand accounts and view castings.

“We actually have different researchers that will be presenting their research from the past year. Different audio, different pictures, whatever they have and new developments as they find stuff out,” Rex Hatfield, MABRC field researcher, said.

D.W. Lee, MABRC executive director, said since the symposium began nearly six years ago there have been multiple accounts of people reporting Bigfoot sightings.

“I would say on average we have 10 to 15 reports turned into us at every symposium,” he said. “It’s a nice way for people to relate their experiences and find out for sure if what they’ve seen was a bigfoot or not.”

The symposium took place at CC Camp, which Lee said is approximately a mile away from the group’s research =read more

Former deputy now committed to Bigfoot research, discovery

Larry Newman, a retired deputy sheriff’s detective, was just one of the speakers at the Bigfoot Field Research Organization meeting on Saturday, March 17, in Jay.
JAY – A former Missouri deputy now uses the skills he honed when he was solving criminal cases to investigate claims of the mysterious Bigfoot creature sightings in Delaware County.
Larry Newman was just one of the speakers at the Bigfoot Field Research Organization meeting on Saturday, March 17, in Jay. Approximately 30 people were present for the four-hour meeting.
There have been several reports of Bigfoot sightings all over Delaware County, including in Grove and by the Pensacola Dam, Newman said.
He claimed Bigfoot inhabits areas where there is good food, clean water, and good terrain.
“We have people that make up stuff,” Newman said of reported Bigfoot sightings. “But we know the difference.”
He said there have been a couple of sightings in southern Delaware County within the last two weeks.
The problem, he said, is that when members of the Bigfoot researchers group interview witnesses, they are often told that 25 other people have seen the same thing but are embarrassed to talk about it.=read more

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Sasquatch hunter discovers HUGE footprint in US wilderness

Cliff Barackman, who has been on the trail of the mythical beast for 20 years, recovered giant footprints from an abandoned mattress in the US wilderness.
Photos show the barefooted prints, measuring an enormous 13 inches long by five-and-a-half inches wide, impressed upon the fabric in mud.
And the distance between one footprint and another, heel to heel, was a monstrous 48 inches - suggesting a truly giant gait.
Mr Barackman, 47, said the prints were found in Alderwood State Wayside Park, Oregon - a place where Bigfoot sightings are common.=read more

Interest growing in 'Bigfoot' in WNC

Traveling along with Stefan Jagoe in his backyard in Henderson County, he looks to do his weekly check on game cameras he has set up on trees at the edge of the woods.
Over the years, he said those cameras have come across all sorts of wildlife in the area.
"Coyotes, black bears, bobcats," he says of the types of animals, and also what he's been able to save on his laptop.
But he admitted, with blunt honesty, there's one creature that's missing.
"Most 'Bigfoot' sightings are in the national forest in Davis, Montgomery, and Randolph counties," said Jagoe.  "But a lot of them are in the mountains, Henderson County west."
Jagoe's fascination with the creatures led to the creation of the North Carolina Bigfoot Facebook page--with a following currently around 3,000.
"I was expecting a couple of hundred, to be honest with you," he said. "I had no idea it would go to four digits."
The interest is apparently so high in the area that experts in Sasquatch sightings have hosted seminars.  One happened this week at a community college in Spruce more

NC group claims that they have evidence that Bigfoot exists

Spruce Pine, NC (FOX Carolina) -
A group in North Carolina is claiming they have evidence that Bigfoot exists. 
The group North Carolina Bigfoot has posted photos they claim to be evidence of Bigfoot, including footprints and bent branches, over the years. 
North Carolina Bigfoot claims evidence of Bigfoot sightings have been found in Pender County, the Uhwarrie Forest, and Lake Hickory.
The fascination with Bigfoot is also spreading to North Carolina classrooms. 
Instructor Jim Charneski offers the class North Carolina Bigfoot at Mayland Community College. He began teaching the class four years ago. 
Charneski said he became involved with Bigfoot Research Field Organization ten years ago and now serves as investigator for the organization. 
According to Charneski, the class covers Bigfoot history in North Carolina and Bigfoot research and investigations. 
He said the television show 'Finding Bigfoot' has brought more attention to the topic. 
Charneski said he had a sighting of Bigfoot approximately four years ago near the North Carolina/South Carolina border. 
He is hoping to offer similar classes in the Asheville area and encourages people to keep an open mind about Bigfoot sightings. read more